October 2, 2022

Woman ‘Intentionally’ Drove Into Niagara Falls

In a stunning video of a girl driving into the river Niagara Falls, it seems to be intentional. The New York State Park Police Division is labeling the incident as an “intentional act.”

In a press release, they stated, “At this point in the investigation, entry into the water appears to be an intentional act.”

The incident was caught on digital camera by Coast Guard as spectators watched the automobile plummet into the water. As soon as the video caught consideration, a chopper lowered a diver to rescue the girl from the sinking automobile, nonetheless, she was useless. Apparently, she was in her 60s, and her identification has not been revealed but. She was the one particular person within the automobile.

The girl’s automobile stays within the brink of Niagara Falls as of Thursday however has been inching nearer to the cliff.