March 26, 2023

The Prince Family Discusses Takeoff’s Death; J. Prince Reveals He Had A Conversation With Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “P” Thomas Following The Rapper’s Death [Video]

J. Prince reveals that he spoke with Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Thomas following Takeoff’s loss of life.

On Friday, the ‘Million Dollaz Worth Of Game’ podcast posted a video clip previewing a forthcoming episode with the Prince Family. Within the video, podcast host Gillie Da Child, shared that him and his co-host Wallo had been reluctant to have the Prince Family on their present. Nonetheless, Gillie revealed that the 2 hosts had a change of coronary heart after J. Prince made them conscious of the dialog he had with Thomas.

“When I got the call from you OG, you know, we was a little reluctant to do the interview,” Gillie stated to J. Prince. “Because somebody lost they life, you know? It was a sensitive situation. So we talked and then when you alerted me that you had sat down with P from QC and everybody saw things eye-to-eye. That really had [us] like, ‘Ok cool. As long as you see eye-to-eye with the people that’s most close to him and y’all get everything figured out. Then okay, you can come speak your truth.’”

As well as, the music government’s son J. Prince Jr., was additionally current on the episode and says Takeoff wasn’t killed due to a cube sport.

Should you’re not conscious, many individuals have blamed the Prince Family for Takeoff’s homicide since he was with the music government’s son, J. Prince Jr., on the time of his loss of life. The 28-year-old rapper handed away final November whereas attending a cube sport at 810 Billiards and Bowling in Houston.

Since then, J. Prince have defended his son a number of instances and maintained that he’s not chargeable for Takeoff’s loss of life.

“You know one of the biggest lies that was told. He walked by TakeOff body as if he was heartless and didn’t care,” J. Prince stated earlier this yr. “And in reality, Junior, my cousin Michael that’s here with me, they was there with TakeOff from the beginning to the end. Even when they walked by, they took three seconds of an hour and some situation when Mike and Junior was walking by.”

The latest episode of the podcast that includes The Prince Family is predicted to air on February fifth.