March 26, 2023

The Baller Alert Show – Ep 212: Yung Joc Joins Cast to Discuss His Career, Love & Hip Hop and YSL Case

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome again to one other episode of The Baller Alert Show. Yung Joc joins Ferrari, Su Solo, BT and OCT to focus on his profession, Love & Hip Hop, and YSL case.

Matt Barnes spits on his fiancé ex-husband throughout a heated altercation at a 49ers recreation.

“Somebody gonna whoop Matt Barnes’ ass,” stated BT.

Su Solo requested Joc, who he thinks is the primary rapper out proper now.

“Out of Atlanta, right now, I would definitely say Future,” stated Joc. “Don’t get me wrong, 21 is doing his thing.”

Love Vs. Cash

The solid requested Joc if his Love & His Hop counterparts have been collectively for the love or the cash.

Erica Mena and Safaree have been the primary to be mentioned. 

“Oh, it’s nothing now,” stated Joc. “I think it may have been love, it may have been infatuation, or it may have been money.”

Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have been subsequent. Joc agreed that it might have been love. 

“What about Spice and Justin Budd?” requested Su. 

“I think it could have been love because they both had their own bag,” stated Joc.

“Scrap and Bambi?” requested Su.

“Ohh, that’s love. That wasn’t for the money. I think sometimes it just gets hard with the kids,” stated Scrap.

The solid started to focus on Joc’s picture on Love and Hip Hop and whether or not he felt his function was misunderstood and portrayed negatively.

“It’s beyond portrayed. I will always tell anybody. Even just sitting in front of these cameras, the camera can’t use what you don’t give.”

“Do you get put n scenarios when y’all film Love & Hip Hop,” requested BT.

“Our common goal is to be entertaining and give the deliverables,” stated Joc.

“Going back to the hype of your music career, who came up with the dance, “It’s going down?” requested Ferrari.

Joc defined that he would go to totally different excessive faculties in Atlanta for prep rallies. Whereas attending these prep rallies, he started pointing on the crowd, and his actions later changed into the precise dance after a bunch of teenagers carried out it.

“It was like hearing the song for the first time,” stated Joc.

“I don’t think people realize all the business that you have going on. People are always talking about how broke you are; where do you think all of that comes from?” requested OCT.

“A lot of the things that I have my hands in, I’m kind of at the top in this pool. When it comes to urban radio, I have one of the top shows that are syndicated,” stated Joc.

“Do you think that Love & Hip Hop is dying out?” requested OCT 

“I don’t want to use the term dying out. It just had a very good run,” stated Joc.

Joc additionally mentioned his relationship along with his son.

“With him and I, it was a lot of different factors. ‘You’re not seeing what you’re doing. A lot of these different factors you’re causing,” stated Joc.

Ferrari requested Joc his opinion on the Younger Thugs case.

“We try to press this whole issue that we’re standing on certain morals and certain values. Here’s the thing, when you look at the situation that Thug is in. we think we prive to everything, but it’s stuff we don’t know. I don’t care how gangster you say you are. Only a few people going to say I’m standing on it,” stated Joc. 

Baller Mail

Pricey Baller Alert,

“My spouse drunk texted me the mistaken shit! My spouse and I’ve been married for 5 years and have been collectively for 10! She loves going out, hanging together with her ladies brunching and I don’t. 

I’ll exit on particular events, however we’re rattling close to 50 & I ain’t outdoors like I used to be. We’ve identified one another since faculty. Actual candy girl, I like her, and I belief her. However final weekend, she was out together with her ladies. They have been consuming, and the textual content she despatched me was:

“Big Ron we can’t keep doing this, it feels so wrong, but it feels so right.”

Then, she unsent the textual content, however I already noticed what she had despatched. The subsequent day she stated she didn’t have her cellphone that her homegirl did, and that they have been all drunk. The dwelling woman even apologized.

I ain’t shopping for it. What do y’all assume?”

Yung Joc shared that his first response wouldn’t be instantly eliminating the connection. “If the pros out weight the cons, it’s worth staying, but if the cons outweigh the pros, get the fuck on.”