November 26, 2022


Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to a different episode of The Baller Alert Present, out there in all places you get your podcasts. On episode 196, the forged interviews feminine rap artist Omeretta. Ferrari, BT, Su Solo, and OCT talk about early voting in Georgia, Lil Child Day, and Omeretta’s profession.

“I just want to say Georgia, this is so embarrassing; the entire world is looking at us,” stated Su Solo relating to Stacy Abrams shedding the race in the direction of the governor of Atlanta.

Omeretta shared that she didn’t vote as a result of she “hates politics.”

Su Solo defined the significance of voting.

Omeretta shared that the influencers should be extra educated to help their followers and followers in voting.

November thirteenth will now be declared Dominique “Lil Baby” Jones Day. “I like that,” stated Su Solo. “Give him his flowers while he’s here.”

Diddy reveals that he pays his barber $1000 a lower. 

“Cap!” stated BT.

“Y’all keep in mind, he’s also paying for his time for him to be available,” stated Su Solo.

Ferrari shared a be aware from Offset that was devoted to the late Takeoff. 

“Literally, seeing them post about him puts a lump in my throat. The fact that they weren’t all the way right,” stated Su Solo.

Omeretta shared that she’s now not beefing with anyone in her household.

“It’s straight, we’re not best friends, but we’re not beefing,” stated Omeretta, referring to her relationship together with her mother.

“Grammy nominations are in guys,” stated Ferrari. “Nicki Minaj is not there, and Summer Walker is not there.”

“Summer Walker has been carrying these female singers,” stated BT.


How is Omeretta doing?

“Good, I be working. My EP, Emotional Gangster about to drop Friday.”

What makes you an emotional gangster?

“I’m really like a crybaby emotionally. When I was younger, I used to cry a lot, so I made myself tough.”

You bought a hoop in your hand. You bought this younger man’s title tatted throughout your physique. What’s his title? and what number of years does he have left?

“Ta’Byron. Not that many; I can’t give y’all no number.”

So that you engaged?


How is it for you mentally? I do know you need to see your man.

“At the beginning, when he first went to jail, it was hard, like 2018, 2019, 2020, and now it’s more like us focusing on him getting home.”

How lengthy have y’all been collectively?

“Going on 5 years.”

How is it for him?

“We had a lot of phases where we both wanted to get to each other real bad. We were both kind of suicidal at one time. We had to go through that and, I guess, build each other up.”

Are you discovering your self steadily making an attempt to maintain him in a great emotional state?

“If I cry, I do it when we’re off the phone, and I try not to put too much on his plate.”

What do you do to remain mentally sane? Do you discuss to any person?

“I wanted to try therapy, because of everything that’s happened in my life, but I’m not really ready for that. I don’t feel too comfortable, and it’s going to bring up stuff that I’m not ready to deal with.”

Baller Blitz

On this episode, OCT requested Omeretta to resolve if sure feminine rappers had a grammy. She included artists corresponding to Missy Elliot, Eve, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Lauryn Hill, and Foxxy Brown. 

Baller Mail 

Expensive Baller Alert,

My husband and I bought a divorce. Right here I’m three months later, and I came upon that he had a whole facet household that he’s now with. I’m harm. I need to go say one thing to his new however facet household. Or ought to I simply go away this alone.

“Girl, pull up. Everybody needs to get slapped. Nine times out of 10 she knew about y’all.Y’all knew about each other. Y’all need to hit,” stated Omeretta.

 “I don’t have no advice for you, because I know you gone go say something,” stated Ferrari.