June 6, 2023

Tay-K Believes Race Contributed To His Lengthy Prison Sentence And Asks For A “Second Chance At Adulthood”

Tay-K asks for one more “chance at adulthood” whereas serving 55 years behind bars.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old rapper shared a message about his prolonged jail sentence to Twitter. In a handful of tweets, Tay says he was tried as an grownup and believes race performed a component in his sentence.

“I really just need 1 chance @ adulthood,” he wrote. “I bet if I was a lil white kid they wouldn’t have gave me no 55 years for a crime I was alleged to play the most insignificant role in when I was 16…they woulda rightfully argued that my mind wasn’t fully developed and gave me rehabilitation and a 2nd (1st) chance at adulthood.”

In a separate tweet, Tay mentions one in every of his co-defendants, who occurs to be a white woman, solely obtained 10 years of probation.

“One of my codefendants was a white girl who was 16 jus like me. They didn’t certify her as an adult but they certified me n pimp as adults. Pimp got 30, I got 55, she ended up getting 10 years of probation without no deal. That girl @ home rn,” Tay concluded.

In 2019, the rapper was discovered responsible of homicide for his involvement in a 2016 residence invasion that killed a 21-year-old man. Tay was sentenced to 30 years for aggravated theft and 55 years for homicide. He was additionally given a two extra 13-year jail sentences for 2 counts of aggravated theft. Nonetheless, Tay will serve the sentences concurrently.