October 21, 2021
Safaree's Fans Are Cracking Up Following This Video Featuring His Son

Safaree Has A Few Words Following The Backlash Dave Chapelle Received

Safaree shared an essential message on his social media account following the backlash that Dave Chapelle acquired not too way back. Test it out beneath.

Somebody stated: ‘So individuals simply actually didn’t perceive what he was saying…’ and a commenter posetd this: ‘On CNN they defended him too, so simply admit you’re a Trumper.’

One fan stated: ‘In case y’all didn’t discover Dave don’t give af about being cancelled he cancelled his self from his personal present over a decade in the past and walked away from tens of millions.. he made this particular understanding he’d recieve again lash and other people would misread the message … they usually’re proving him proper.’

A commenter posted this: ‘We live in a time the place individuals stand up and search for one thing to be offended about,’ and a commenter stated: ‘Trans individuals overlook to say the half the place he stated they bullied one in all their very own to the purpose she dedicated suicide.’

A fan stated: ‘I’m glad the old fashioned def comedy jam didn’t occur in immediately’s time. These cry infants undoubtedly wouldn’t have been capable of deal with it. Folks cry about the whole lot on social media.’

One fan stated: ‘Physique shaming, racial feedback, violence is all acceptable, say sumn bout that neighborhood, all hell breaks free,’ and one fan stated: ‘It was so good !! Per regular & in reality what’s taking place is proving his level.’

Extra individuals continued to supply their opinions about what Safaree and dave needed to say.