May 30, 2023

Reebok Honors the Divine Nine With New ‘Yard Love’ Collection

Reebok is constant its pledge to face “United Against Racism” and is honoring Black greek organizations with  a brand new capsule assortment, “Yard Love.”

The brand new hoodie and t-shirt capsule honors the divine 9 and can are available the colorways utilized by the historic sororities and fraternities: pink/inexperienced, crimson/cream, black/gold, blue/white, blue/gold, crown/gold, purple/gold.

In keeping with a press launch by Reebok, the assortment was constructed to shine a light-weight on the vital work of those organizations and to pay homage to those that fought in opposition to racial isolation and racial boundaries on predominately white school campuses by means of the founding of those teams at the begin of the 20th century.

These Black organizations proceed to uplift Black communities and school college students with their charitable acts and provoke social change by magnifying the significance of range and inclusion. Reebok has determined to shine a light-weight on educating customers.

“Reebok’s Yard Love apparel collection was designed to showcase the pride and excellence within these communities,” the press launch continued.

“As a member of a historically Black Greek organization, January, the founding month of my sisterhood, is incredibly special to me,” says Portia Blunt, VP of Attire at Reebok. “These communities foster a unique bond and heritage of service work that has been maintained for over a century. I am proud to have the opportunity to celebrate and honor the legacies of these organizations and create a capsule many of our team members can tell their personal stories through.”

The largest takeaway from the collaboration is the unity amongst these organizations.

“This collection will help shine a light on the important efforts of historically Black fraternities and sororities,” says John Moore, SVP – U.S. Business Gross sales. “As a member of a Black Greek organization, we believe in the power of human achievement and are committed to justice and equality for all.”

The gathering drops on Jan. 10, that includes seven hoodies retailing for $65.00 and 7 tees for $25.00.

Along with the assortment, Reebok is pledging to donate $25,000 to the United Negro Faculty Fund

Reebok Yard Love
Reebok Yard Love