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Rachel Maddow reveals she underwent surgery for skin cancer: ‘I’m going to be totally fine’

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow is recovering after being handled for skin most cancers.

The MSNBC host, 48, obtained candid about her current scare throughout Wednesday’s episode of The Rachel Maddow Present as she inspired viewers to stay vigilant about their well being.

Maddow revealed she underwent surgery on Friday after her longtime associate, Susan Mikula, observed the mole on her neck had modified “a couple months ago.” A dermatologist later confirmed she had skin most cancers following a biopsy.

“All this to say, I would like to introduce you to my band-aid,” the political commentator stated, including, “I had a few days off because I had surgery at NYU Langone on Friday. They’re fantastic. They got it, they got all of it. I’m good. I have clear margins, the whole thing.”

“I know I need to have everything checked, like, every five minutes from here on out because I do not want to get this again,” Maddow continued. “Susan was right! She always is! I am going to be absolutely fine. I’m going to be totally fine.”

She additionally urged viewers to schedule routine appointments with their medical doctors.

“It’s only by the grace of Susan that I found mine in enough time that it was totally treatable, because I have been blowing off my appointments forever to get stuff like that checked, because I’ve assumed it will always be fine,” she defined. “You do need to get this stuff checked at the doctor. Do not blow it off.”

The MSNBC anchor beforehand spoke a couple of private well being matter in November when she revealed Mikula, 63, had a near-fatal battle with COVID-19.

“Susan has been sick with COVID these past couple of weeks,” Maddow stated on the time. “And at one point, we really thought that there was a possibility that it might kill her. And that’s why I’ve been away. Susan tested positive two weeks ago, we separated from each other that day because I tested negative … so she and I have both been alone since then.”

“She had gotten sicker and sicker, while I tried to care for her while still staying physically apart from her,” she added. “And the bottom line is that she’s gonna be fine. She is recovering. She’s still sick, but she’s gonna be okay, and we’re not scared anymore like we were.”

Maddow went on to encourage viewers to proceed to social distance and comply with public well being tips to keep away from contracting the virus. She added that she “would have moved mountains for it to have been me who was sick these past couple of weeks instead of Susan … but this thing does not give you that choice.”

“Whatever you think of your own life and however much risk you are willing to take on for yourself, that’s not how this works,” she stated. “What you need to know is that whoever is the most important person in your life, whoever you most love and most care for and most cherish in the world, that’s the person who you may lose. Or who you may spend weeks up all night freaking out about and calling doctors all over the place … and trying to figure out how to keep that person breathing and out of the hospital.”

“Whatever you’re doing, however you’ve calibrated risk in your life, don’t get this thing. Do whatever you can to keep from getting it,” added Maddow.


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