October 5, 2022

Parents Knowingly Sent Their COVID-19 Positive Child to California School

California mother and father knowingly despatched their youngster to faculty regardless of them testing optimistic for COVID-19.

For seven days, mother and father allegedly deliberately and knowingly despatched their youngster to Neil Cummins Elementary School in Corte Madera regardless that the child examined optimistic Rona, Dr. Brett Geithman, superintendent of Larkspur-Corte Madera School District in Marin County, informed CNN.

The one cause the college came upon was as a result of the Marin County Public School contacted them, because the confirmed case was by no means reported within the faculty’s database. Every time a case of Rona is confirmed, the native public well being division will attain out to colleges if a scholar has contracted the virus.

“This is not only a violation of basic ethics, it’s a violation of law.” Dr. Matt Willis, Marin County’s public well being officer informed CNN. “Violation can lead to a fine or criminal prosecution as a misdemeanor. Because of the seriousness of this violation we’ve referred the case to the District Attorney.”

“If we didn’t have strict Covid protocols, the aftermath of this could’ve been much worse,” Geithman informed CNN.

“We did not know this positive case existed.” Geithman shared in a written assertion to CNN. “Upon calling the household, we learned that the student tested positive, did not inform the schools, and then sent the student and their sibling to school for seven days.”