March 26, 2023

Maison Margiela Just Dropped Its Replica ‘On A Date’ Fragrance Just in Time for Date Night

If falling in love or first date was a perfume, then it could be Maison Margiela‘s latest Replica On a Date perfume.

Maison Margiela REPLICA On a Date Fragrance: $160.00

Described as “a date overlooking the magnificent vineyards of Provence, enveloped in the golden glow of a late summer’s sunset. The scent of ripe grapes and fresh roses filling the air… The perfect rendez-vous.”

Replica’s On A Date provides to the already celebrity lineup, together with Lazy Sunday Morning, The Jazz Membership, Hearth, Seaside Stroll, Espresso Break, and extra.

Maison Margiela features a product description “On A Date is a new thrilling scent inspired by a magical date on a late summer’s evening overlooking the magnificent vineyards of Provence at sunset.”

Keynotes embrace black currant liquor accord, grapes, petal rose, and patchouli essence.