December 1, 2021
Magic Johnson Believes This About The Unvaccinated NBA Players

Magic Johnson Believes This About The Unvaccinated NBA Players

Magic Johnson revealed his opinion concerning the unvaccinated gamers within the NBA. Try the experiences that The Shade Room shared.

It has been reported that Magic not too long ago shared his ideas about NBA gamers who’ve but to get vaccinated.

‘He says he wouldn’t put his staff ready to presumably lose a championship on account of not getting vaccinated,’ TSR notes.

Somebody mentioned: ‘Sooooooo what! Your self comes 1st ! That’s this following ass world’s downside now,’ and one othe follower mentioned: ‘Let’s normalize letting folks do what THEY need to do WITH their our bodies.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Y’all wasn’t going this difficult over healthcare employees not getting vaccinated smh however you apprehensive about ball gamers ??? Who cares.’

One different follower mentioned: ‘Yall cant argue with Magic that drugs/science dont work lol so save that argument.’

A fan wrote: ‘It’s nonetheless their selection regardless it’s their LIFE you’re speaking a few GAME on the finish of the day….! Whew,’ and one different follower mentioned: ‘Discover nobody’s asking actual questions concerning the vaccine anymore. The complete focus is who’s not taking it. They don’t even care that it’s not even for immunity. What imma take it for if not for immunity?’

One fan posted this message: ‘Yall trynna pressure these vaccines like they cures when in actuality they don’t even cease you from getting covid its humorous how silly it’s.’