June 28, 2022

Love & Hip Hop Star Erica Mena Calls Out Safaree for “Pillow Talking” With Prostitutes, Woman Responds to Claims

Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena took to Twitter to vent, stating that her ex and father of her youngsters, Safaree, has been speaking about her to one other lady she refers to as a prostitute.

Mena said, “Talking crazy about your baby mother to your prostitute but you don’t even know your kid sizes is weird flex. Be safe tho”

She continued to submit about being devalued and disrespected whereas Safaree is pillow speaking to a “begging prostitute.”

Mena said, “Taking care of a begging prostitute and pillow talking over buying your children a $600 stroller. Yeah this the shit I been keeping to myself but now it’s getting beyond disrespectful so here I am.”

A lady named Kimbella Mantos responded to Mena’s claims, calling the truth television star “stupid and uneducated,” saying that Mena was “recently selling her pussy to a whole soccer player in New York City.”

Kimbella vs Mena

Mena claims her tweets weren’t for Kimbella, taking to Instagram to reply to Kimbella’s submit. 

“Let me mention you now- @kimbellamatos. Since this is what you’ve clearly been waiting for – you are not the only prostitute Safaree puts before his kids. Sorry to break it to you.”

Within the prolonged submit, Mena claims that she’s helped get Kimbella’s credit score get fastened and she or he additionally implied that Safaree talks behind her again. 

Mena said, “You’ve been selling your body since 16 just so you can get your body to look like it looks now – disgusting btw. Well at least that’s what Safaree says.”

Erica Mena vs Kimballa

Erica Mena vs Kimballa


Nicki Minaj followers have swarmed Mena’s tweets saying ought to’ve discovered from Nicki.

One tweet stated, “Nicki warned you but instead, you wanted to bat your eyelashes and shade her on camera with him.”

One other tweet stated, “Nicki tried to warn you but you thought having imaginary beef with her would be better.”