November 28, 2021

Lizzo Says She’s Over Discussing Certain Topics; Says It’s “Exhausting” To Constantly Talk About Her Body

Artist Lizzo has rightfully challenged folks to simply accept all sorts of our bodies, however now she’s feeling exhausted over the subject.

Lizzo is thought for sharing movies of herself twerking in bikinis, and she or he has spoken out about loving herself. However folks have nonetheless criticized her.

If it’s not on social media, it’s reporters asking Lizzo about her physique acceptance motion. However she doesn’t wish to maintain discussing it.

Lizzo will seem in Essence Journal’s December problem, and she or he instructed the outlet she’s over discussing sure subjects.

“It’s exhausting,” Lizzo admits. “And that’s the point. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. We should be neutral about bodies.” Lizzo additionally spoke about what units her aside within the trade.

“I use 808s, just not in the same way everyone else does,” she stated of her manufacturing. “I have songs I could drop right now, but that’s just not my -purpose. That’s not why God made me and put me on this planet at this exact time.”