December 7, 2021

Lizzo Clapback At Haters Who Criticized Her Revealing Dress

Lizzo has a message for all of her critics! On Monday, the singer made an look at Cardi B’s twenty ninth party. In typical Lizzo style, the 33-year-old wore a purple see-through, eye-catching gown made with iridescent crystals. Whereas many individuals despatched praises to Lizzo, some weren’t feeling her outfit of selection.

On Thursday, Lizzo took to Instagram Stay to ship a clapback to her haters who took pictures at her outfit.

“It’s very funny to me that people are upset that I’m wearing a see-through outfit or that I’m twerking in a see-through outfit. [They’re saying], ‘This is disgusting’.. Don’t you have bills to pay? Don’t you got mouths to feed, including your own? Don’t you want to fall in love and make friends? Go read the news, b—ch before I read you, ho. The f**k!Why are you worried about me?”

Throughout her 10 minute speech to her haters, the singer stands up and divulges her backside to the digicam, telling everybody to “kiss my a**!”

And if that wasn’t sufficient, Lizzo additionally goes on to inform her critics to “watch your motherf—king values and watch your motherf—king values.”

“Stay the f—k off my motherf—king page. Keep your comments to your motherf—king self, bitch. Let me do whatever the f—k I wanna do,” she mentioned. “Remember when people minded their own f—king business? #TBT to when people minded their own f—king business. Those were the days, boy. Where people could just wear what they want and there wasn’t a motherf—king parade or conversation or commentary about it.”

Whereas addressing the trolls, Lizzo mentions that she doesn’t care if persons are imply to her as a result of that’s simply part of the web.

“I do this because y’all continually disrespect human beings like it’s a sport. It seems like every single day, somebody’s disrespecting somebody on the Internet. Let people live, bro. Let people wear whatever the f—k they wanna wear.”

In consequence, the naysayers didn’t cease Lizzo from delivering a “light twerk to bless ya timeline.”