December 7, 2021

Lil’ Kim Reveals That Nick Cannon Is Now Her Manager

Nick Cannon will now oversee the profession of Lil’ Kim, Billboard reported. The feminine emcee revealed Cannon was her supervisor throughout a current interview with Complicated.

Throughout an interview on Complicated’s interview collection “Hiking With Rappers” with host King Keraun, Lil’ Kim first talked about how she jogs 5 miles and takes a hike day by day. However later within the interview admitted that she was joking.

“I never hiked a day in my life, and I don’t like it,” she mentioned.

When requested about her subsequent profession strikes, Lil’ Kim introduced up Cannon.

“I just shot a movie with Nick Cannon,” she mentioned. “Nick Cannon, people don’t even know, like he’s one of my best friends. We’ve been best friends for years … And we just shot a movie called Miracle Across 125th Street. I really did that movie for Nick, but I love doing movies.”

“It’s part of my next level,” she added. “Nick is convincing me. You know he’s my manager?”

Keraun mentioned that was one thing he didn’t know. “I did not know that. Your manager has like 20 kids.”

“Leave my manager alone,” Lil’ Kim joked.

Lil’ Kim has an upcoming memoir titled The Queen Bee slated for a Nov. 2 launch.