November 27, 2021

Kid Rock Calls Next Generation “Every Opinion Has A Millennial Offended”

Kid Rock is the most recent movie star to share his ideas on how he feels concerning the subsequent technology.

In his latest track, Don’t Inform Me How To Stay, Kid Rock calls out the subsequent technology saying they’re “p*ssies.” It’s fairly clear that Kid Rock isn’t too keen on the social media period as a result of he was seen carrying a t-shirt with the slogan “Social Media Sucks” within the video. Kid’s lyrics are additionally proof of his opinion. Kid complained about cancel tradition, “fake news,” & even mentioned, “every kid got a motherf*cking trophy.”

“A nation of p*ssies is our next generation / And these minions and their agendas / Every opinion has a millennial offended,” Kid raps.

Properly, there’s no sugarcoating the best way Kid Rocks feels. Check out the total video beneath.

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