December 1, 2021

Kanye West Calls Jay-Z Selfish for Keeping Song ‘Holy Grail’ for Himself

Kanye West had an entire lot to say throughout the Drink Champs podcast. The rapper, who now goes by Ye, mirrored on the making of the Watch The Throne album. Whereas discussing with the podcast hosts, Kanye referred to as Hov egocentric for not wanting so as to add his tune “Holy Grail” on WTT however as a substitute saved it for Magna Carta Holy Grail.

“I took a track off of what was gonna be my album, the follow-up to [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy], that I heard when we all was at dinner, and it was the ‘Otis’ sample.” Kanye continued “I took ‘New Day’ off of my next album, I took ‘Otis’ off of my next album. And we got into this big argument because he had this song called ‘Holy Grail’ that he had Justin Timberlake singing on. And I was like, ‘We need to put this on this album.’ And then he was like, ‘Nah.’ Everybody knows Jay is very selfish … We all love him but, you know, he’s very selfish. He’ll say like, ‘Man, I’m selfish.’ So he wouldn’t give that song. I’m like, ‘Man, how I’m giving all of this?’”

Now Kanye did make clear that “Holy Grail” wasn’t speculated to be part of the Watch The Throne album. Nevertheless, he did wish to embrace the tune as a result of he wished to make the album higher, however HOV had different plans.

“I wanted to make the album better, he wanted to save [it for] his album. We fell out many of times, he’s my brother. Whenever he does some Jay sh*t and I do some Ye sh*t, we don’t say sh*t. That’s some real sh*t.”

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