November 28, 2021

JoJo Siwa Reveals She Hasn’t Started Dating After Recent Split, But Says She Wouldn’t Mind A “Cuddle Buddy”

JoJo Siwa is formally single once more, however she’s not essentially prepared to start out relationship once more since her latest break up from ex-girlfriend Kylie Prew.

In response to Individuals, the 18-year-old “Dancing With The Stars” finalist says she’s simply staying busy specializing in her profession and her new partnership with Money App.

“I haven’t started dating at all, anybody, but whatever happens happens,” she instructed the journal.

But that doesn’t imply she will be able to’t have a bit enjoyable.

“I want to have a cuddle date. So if anybody out there needs a cuddle date, cuddle buddy, I’ll take it,” Siwa mentioned.

Siwa additionally admitted that the breakup has been laborious on her, however she’s taking it in the future at a time.

“There’s days where I truthfully will cry, and the only thing that I will want is to talk to Ky, and I will call and Ky will answer and it’s all okay,” she explains. “And there are other days where we don’t talk at all. And I think that either way, it’s okay. I think everyone’s life happens differently, but I’m really grateful that I’ve had Dancing with the Stars that I’ve had Dance Pop. It’s just kept my brain occupied and it’s kept my brain happy and healthy.”