December 9, 2021

Jay Z Calls Dave Chappelle “Super Brave” Following The Comedians Backlash Over “The Closer”

On Friday, throughout a Twitter Area audio dialog hosted by Netflix’s Sturdy Black Lead account, Jay Z confirmed his help for Dave Chappelle.

When requested about his ideas on the latest controversy relating to the comic’s statements in regards to the LGBTQ group, the mogul known as Chappellesuper courageous.”

“He’s super brave and super genius, you spend time with him, and he’s brilliant.”

Jay did admit that the “The Closer” comic did push lots of buttons, together with one which apparently made him uneasy. Nonetheless, in the long run, Jigga considers it “true art.”

“I think he pushed a lot of buttons. I watched sometimes like “ugh.” However I feel what occurs with true artwork is it has to trigger a dialog, and typically it’s going to be abrasive, typically it’s going to be off-putting to people, however I feel it opens up a chance to have a dialogue it doesn’t matter what the problem is.”

The New York York rapper feels that we’re in a time the place individuals can’t have discussions with others who disagree with them, TMZ reported.

Finally, it was requested if Jay thinks the comedy particular was divisive. Jay Z tried to dissociate Dave’s particular with what he considers nice artwork, describing it as oftentimes being divisive.

“I don’t want to answer for Dave Chappelle – so I’m not speaking specifically to his work – I think that great art is divisive. Some people like it, some people hate it. When you’re making great art you have to be fearless and create something that you believe in.”

Whereas he tried to separate the 2 issues, it’s clear that Jay Z thinks Dave’s present may fall into that “great art” class.