May 30, 2023

“I Really Do Apologize for What I Said” [Video]

Deion Sanders’ eldest daughter has launched a public apology after her feedback exaggerated the violence at Jackson State.

Throughout The Baller Alert Podcast, Deiondra Sanders opened up about her father leaving Jackson State whereas seemingly mentioning the “killings on campus” and issues about security.

“People don’t know that there are killings on the campus every few months,” she stated.

Nevertheless, there’s solely been one demise linked to the college because the Sanders household has been there.

The stays of Jackson State pupil Flynn Brown have been found in a automobile in December final yr.

Since then, Deiondra has taken to social media to proper her wrongs.

“I would like to apologize for a statement that I recently made concerning the JSU murders,” she stated.  “I do feel like that I over-exaggerated due to the fact that every time I did come to town, I was made aware of shootings, murders, robberies on campus, around campus, and in the city.”

She continued, “I really do apologize for what I said.  It’s just that things did happen while my family was there that the public was not made aware of,” she stated.  “But I definitely shouldn’t have exaggerated like that, and I do want to say that apologize for that.  So I apologize to the whole JSU community, JSU campus and everyone that’s a part of JSU.”

As for her father, Deion got here to her protection however claimed he would deal with the scenario privately.

He tweeted, “Just so Ya Know,’ I don’t play about my kids.’  If they’re wrong, the will repent and then make it right, if possible publicly, not privately.  Some things we just should let go of.  PLEASE be careful speaking subliminally about my kids because my receipts ain’t subliminal.  #IMHIM”