October 5, 2022

George Clooney Turns Down $35 Million Gig to Spend Time with Family

George Clooney has 99 issues, and cash isn’t one. He has all of it when it comes to the spouse, the youngsters, the profession, and apparently the cash.

In a latest interview with The Guardian, the millionaire opened up when he was requested if he has sufficient cash. He stated, “Well, yeah. I was offered $35 million for one day’s work for an airline commercial, but I talked to Amal [his wife] about it and we decided it’s not worth it.”

The Casamigos founder gained majority of his internet value in 2013 after promoting his tequila model. His internet value is rumored to be over $500 million. Although his liquor model bought effectively, most of his followers know him from the large display screen. He has starred in a number of films like Oceans Eleven, the enduring Batman and Robin, and authentic present ER. He’s additionally a screenwriter and recipient of three Golden Globe Awards.

Clooney, 60, isn’t nervous about his funds and contains his spouse, Amal, on all monetary choices. He admitted within the interview that he isn’t nervous about performing and stretching himself skinny.

“In general, there just aren’t that many great parts — and, look, I don’t have to act,” he stated. “My wife and I had this conversation when I turned 60 this summer. I said, ‘I can still bounce around pretty good, and we both love what we do. But we gotta make sure we don’t book ourselves silly.’ So part of it is just us making sure we live our lives.”

The couple share 4-year outdated daughter twins, and Clooney says he and Amal have “talked about prioritizing their family.” Guess meaning not taking million-dollar gigs that can take you away from your loved ones!