May 30, 2023

Former ‘3LW’ Member Kiely Williams Admits She Hooked Up With Three Members Of B2K During ‘Hoe Days’ [Video]

It seems like the previous 3LW member has “bump, bump, bumped” with a number of members of the B2K.

Kiely Williams informed Carlos King in a revealing interview that she connected with three members from the boy band, calling it her early “hoe-days.”

The interview turned to messy lane after King requested if Williams ever dated Raz B.

“‘Date’ is a loose word,” the 36-year-old replied. “I wouldn’t give that definition. I think I said ‘entanglement.’ With all of them except for [Omarion].”

That makes three out of 4 members.

“I’m grown, I can admit it. Everybody has their hoe days. Let them have ’em! We’ll look back on them days when we’re older and be like, ‘Yeah. I was out there thot, thot, thottin’,” The Cheetah Women singer stated.

And so as to add on high of that, she slept with them abruptly, however “only one time,” the actress confessed.

“That’s only a one-time thing. Look, everybody has to make mistakes,” she added. Williams additionally acknowledged that the interview would go viral and could be first for her.

“I love that that’s going to be the headline: ‘Kiely’s a Slut.’ Yes, that’ll be a new one for me.” The band members have but to answer her suggestive feedback.