October 2, 2022

Deion Sanders Invited Brittany Renner To Speak To His Players About Groupies

Deion Sanders had a novel plan to teach his gamers about ladies and opportunists people.

The Jackson State College athletic coach invited IG mannequin Brittany Renner to talk to his gamers. Sanders shared a clip on Instagram displaying Brittany becoming a member of the JSU soccer crew.

Alongside the clip, Deion says, “It’s my responsibility as a coach to prepare my young men for any and everything on the field and off. I brought in Brittany Renner to educate them on how the game is played between man & woman at their age & stage. The message may not be for everybody but trust me it’s for somebody.”

The clip begins with Sanders introducing Brittany to the crew and her saying, “so when you reach a certain status, you can have the pick of the litter. It’s a give-and-take but you have to be aware of what you’re signing up for.”

Renner was invited to talk on the dangers of getting flirty DMs and being within the NFL. “You’re trying to make it to the NFL. You do understand there’s a lot that comes with that, right? To be able to decipher who really loves you for you. I think that’s the billion dollar question we’re all wanting to know. Nobody is here for nothing. It’s just about figuring out who can be here in times of adversity.”


Brittany dated Charolette Hornets ahead participant PJ Washington earlier this yr. The 2 are not an merchandise. Nonetheless, they do share a one-year-old daughter. There have been rumors of PJ paying $200k in baby assist, however Washington has denied the assertion.