December 9, 2021

Co-Founders of Ben & Jerry’s Say Police Brutality Against Blacks is a “White Problem”

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are letting their voices be heard by talking out towards police brutality.

In a Nov. 9 opinion piece for USA Today, Cohen and Greenfield wrote, “When police abuse Black people, it’s not a Black problem. It’s a white problem. While Black people bear the brunt of police brutality, it’s white people who allow this racism to continue.”

The duo referenced a number of key incidents that occurred in Maryland, Kentucky, and Ohio, by which African Individuals have been assaulted by the police, BET reported.

“When we were growing up, our mothers taught us the policeman was our friend. Black mothers have no choice but to teach their children to fear the police.”

“As uncomfortable as it makes us feel, our inaction feeds and perpetuates injustice. Some of us claim to be neutral, but the reality is that neutrality preserves the status quo. If we choose to use it, we white people have the power to hold rogue cops accountable and create a society where Black mothers can also teach their children that the policeman is their friend.”

Ben and Jerry are proving how severe they’re concerning the problem, they weren’t simply talking about it however they’re additionally placing up the cash. They’re co-chairs of the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity, which “includes a coalition of more than 2,000 business leaders, professional athletes, police, and celebrities, as well as dozens of national organizations, including Americans for Prosperity, the ACLU, and hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens, to mobilize people in every state to demand integrity, accountability and better public safety.”

The marketing campaign is combating and demanding an finish to certified immunity, which was began within the Sixties by the Supreme Court docket which carried out qualified immunity to cease civilians from suing public officers–together with law enforcement officials–for constitutional violations. And of course, this contains extreme use of energy.

Ben and Jerry are identified to make use of their place of energy to convey consideration to political and social points. In 2016, the duo launched an official statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.