October 18, 2021

Black Twitter Shares ‘Red Flags’ to Watch Out for While Dating

Black Twitter took to the social media platform to share hilarious, however severe, crimson flags to look out for when relationship.

Early Tuesday morning, you might need wakened to crimson flag emojis throughout your Twitter timeline as folks began sharing what they really feel are “red flags” when relationship. A few of the tweets ranged from dropping somebody in the event that they ship you a “Grand Rising” textual content to being skeptical of somebody who’s all the time on social media however can by no means textual content you again.

One Twitter person wrote, “you the one wit all the money,” as their crimson flag. One other individual wrote, “Me and my bm stay in the same house but we not together. I’m waiting on her to find her a spot.” One different individual feels that if somebody tells you they’re “cool” with all their exes, it’s best to look out for that as a crimson flag. Baller Alert gathered one of the best of the crimson flag Twitter development. What’s a crimson flag you look out for when relationship?