June 28, 2022

Black Twitter Accuses RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant and Robin Dixon of Colorism After Wendy Osefo Was Referred to as ‘Aggressive’

Black Twitter is asking out some of The Actual Housewives of Potomac forged members over alleged colorist feedback. 

Colorism is a vertical of white supremacy that plagues the Black neighborhood and all communities of coloration. Colorism, the unfairness or discrimination in opposition to folks of a darker complexion, can instantly influence darker-skinned folks’s alternatives, sources, and way of life. Folks of the identical ethnicity and race may also perpetuate colorism amongst each other. As well as, some phrases have traditionally bolstered unfavorable, unfaithful stereotypes about Black folks. And a few of the stereotypes made about Black males and Black girls can fluctuate. The experiences Black girls face may also fluctuate between lighter-skinned Black girls and darker-skinned Black girls.

Whereas all Black girls expertise racism, colorism, and texturism, darker-skinned Black girls traditionally have been probably the most mistreated in relation to these points. And generally, unknowingly or not, the very individuals who perpetuate these unfavorable stigmas about dark-skinned Black girls are generally different Black girls.

That is what some really feel is the case with the RHOP forged. This previous weekend, members of the Black Twitter neighborhood referred to as out Gizelle Bryant after she referred to as Wendy Osefo “aggressive.”

“Did Gizelle just call Wendy’ aggressive’? And ya’ll love denying the colorism displayed on this show. What makes Wendy aggressive? #RHOP,” mentioned one Twitter person. 

One other individual wrote: “The way Gizelle and Robyn giving Mia passes and calling Wendy bitter and aggressive is really showing their colorism. #RHOP.”

Let’s all be extra conscious of the phrases we use and the historical past behind them, and how they might influence folks – particularly our folks. 

Gizelle Bryant, Wendy Osefo and Robyn Dixon