March 26, 2023

Beyoncé Fans Asking For Money To Help Pay For Renaissance Tour Tickets

The world has been in an uproar since Beyoncé introduced her world tour, and the Beyhive goes the additional mile to attain tickets.

The fan base is utilizing the crowdfunding web site, GoFundMe, to ask household, buddies, and others to provide them cash to assist them buy a ticket for the tour, TMZ reported.

The gag is even when they elevate sufficient cash, it doesn’t safe the acquisition of a ticket. However followers aren’t discouraged by that, they usually’re protecting it actual on what they plan to make use of the cash for. One fan wrote: “…. my dying wish to see a beyonce in August. No real sad story here but I work a job with minimal pay and I can’t afford the ticket’s unless I skip rent and my car payment and if I do that I won’t have a place to get dressed or a ride to get there. If it helps my ankles are swollen and my feet hurt like crazy but I still go to work anyway so I can support myself and my family but now I need something nice done for me. Just a simple dollar helps. Thanks guys.”

Whereas one other posted on GoFundMe: “I thought that if a white man could raise tens of thousands of dollars for ranch dressing why can’t I raise at least 500 bucks for Beyoncé tickets. This is literally a once in a lifetime experience for anyone who gets the chance to experience Club Renaissance in the best way. I don’t want to choose between bills and Beyoncé so I felt like this would be an appropriate way to raise money. This is a long shot but here it goes. If I can go and see her this year in July I would have truly lived and know that I was here.”

The outpouring for monetary help is a bit humorous, however you may’t knock ‘em for trying. Some have raised a few hundred bucks and some haven’t raised something.

Pre-sale within the UK has already started and presale within the U.S. will begin subsequent week.