December 1, 2021

Beanie Sigel Says Kanye Owes Him “Nothing But Love” for Coming Up With the Name ‘Yeezy’

Beanie Sigel isn’t involved in getting paid for coining Kanye West’s nickname, Yeezy. The rapper/actor revealed to TMZ that he did name Kanye, Yeezy at one level, however he claims that he owes him “nothing but love.”

Throughout Kanye’s Drink Champs interview, he revealed that Beanie is the one who got here up with the nickname, “I still owe Beanie money and I’ve been trying to give him his money for a minute,” Ye stated. “He used to call me Yeezy, this is the thing — people that took a liking to me in volatile situations would always give me a nickname, so it seemed like I was cool like them… That was Beanie’s name for me when I was in Baseline [Studios]. Like on some, no that’s Yeezy, make him one of us… he really embraced me.”

Kanye “took the name and ran with it,” Beanie modestly admitted to TMZ.  “As far as his business mind and where he took it, Kanye work hard for his. Kanye don’t owe me nothing,” he said. Beanie added that as a substitute of a one-time cost, he’s keen to do enterprise with Ye. He stated, “I’m not even thinking about a [monetary] number,” he stated. “But I would love to do some business where I can earn some money, ‘cause I’m an earner. I never was the type to take just for a handout.”

The rapper went on to say that his friendship with Yeezy isn’t measured in {dollars} and that he would do something for his previous label associate once more. Beanie’s solely suggestion was to take a seat down with Kanye to debate enterprise alternatives.

“Let’s get to some money, let’s get to some music, let’s get to some fashion, some movies,” Beanie instructed. “We can do all of that and the rest will fall in place.”