December 9, 2021

Angela Yee Talks ‘Lip Service’ Podcast, Relationship Dos and Don’ts, New Coffee Shop and More (Video)

Baller Alert caught up with The Breakfast Club” co-host Angela Yee on the Revolt Summit and chatted about relationship do’s and don’ts, her podcast and how she turned her love for espresso right into a enterprise referred to as CUP, which stands for Coffee Uplifts Folks.

The interview kicked off with Yee giving us the inside track on her well-liked podcast “Lip Service,” the place she talks about intercourse and relationships with the most popular stars in hip-hop and R&B. She talked to BA Journalist Angie B in regards to the artistic course of when deciding on these friends. 

“We like to find people who are down to talk about whatever,” mentioned Yee. “Some of our best people haven’t been the most known but the most fun.”

NLE Choppa, DDG, and King Von have been among the few artists who had the very best views on the present. “This is a platform that’s meant to be fun. A lot of people have said things on here that they’ve never said before, said Yee. “The show is meant to be more personality-driven.” 

“The show name is actually a double entendre,” mentioned Yee. “There’s a lot of lip service going on.”

The interview transition into Yee detailing how intentional she was about her espresso store being constructed by black and brown folks. “Everything from the architecture, plumbing, and electricity was done by black and brown people,” Yee mentioned. “I’m really proud of that and happy to see that in our community.”

In relation to courting within the leisure trade, issues is usually a little difficult. Yee’s largest relationship “don’t” is to not stress her. “Do not stress me because I work all the time and I can’t be stressed at work and at home,” she mentioned. 

An important “Do” for her is taking note of the little issues. “The little things really count. I know it sounds cliche, but being supportive, attentive, and sweet is something that I need,” she mentioned. “Even when I’m wrong, tell me I’m right. That’s important,” Yee mentioned.