October 2, 2022

Angela Yee Responds to Lil Kim Calling Her Out After Old Interview About Nicki Minaj Beef is Posted on Facebook

Over the weekend Lil Kim defended Nicki Minaj on Facebook after Angela Yee, co-host of “The Breakfast Club,” posted a throwback clip from 2012 by which Lil Kim spoke on Nicki Minaj’s relationship with Money Cash and another issues.

Lil Kim was not right here for Angela Yee reviving the clip, responding, “Why are we bringing this up, This interview is how many years ago? Like really Angela Yee??? This sh*t is WACK, but go viral.”

It seems to be like Lil Kim is not attempting to convey up any previous beef as she presently has new music and her memoir to take into consideration.

Nonetheless, in the course of the eleventh anniversary of “The Breakfast Club” Angela Yee responded to Lil Kim’s Facebook remark.

She instructed DJ Envy, “I don’t even post on Facebook, I had no idea.” Yee continued, “Think about it like this, I have a public page and a private page, and on my public page there’s a lot of content on there.”

She added, “I actually pay people to use a lot of content and to edit clips and post things, just to keep my page like a little news thing but a lot is centered on things that I do.”

She mentioned, “I guess Lil Kim thinks that I posted this personally myself and Envy thinks that it’s my fault.”