December 7, 2021

Alabama Teen Fatally Shot While Playing On His iPad In His Bedroom

An Alabama household is devasted after their teenage son was fatally shot whereas he sat in his room enjoying on his iPad.

Tuscaloosa Police mentioned Kei’lan Allen was sitting at dwelling innocently on Friday night when bullets had been fired at his dwelling, piercing by means of a window and placing the boy within the head.

Allen’s 26-year-old cousin Corey Prewitt acknowledged, “I don’t even think he heard the gunshots,” Prewitt mentioned due to the headphones. “I’m pretty sure it was an AR-pistol that hit his head.”

Kei’lan’s mom, Christina Barnes, referred to as her son’s title repeatedly after the pictures rang out. He was her first-born and her solely son.

“He didn’t answer after that, so she walked in the room, and he was slumped over,” Prewitt mentioned. “She just grabbed him and was telling him, ‘I love you. I love you.’ An innocent child with a bullet hole in his head. ”

Police mentioned in a press release, “The parents and family of a 13-year-old boy had to stand across the street and watch paramedics drive the ambulance away after realizing there was nothing they could do.” 

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley referred to as the teenager’s dying “a senseless murder.”

“We see it all the time where adults are shot, and it’s terrible, but when it’s a kid, it takes it to another level,” Blankley mentioned in a video posted to the Tuscaloosa police division’s Fb web page. “We’re all dads and moms out here. When you see that, and you see the senseless tragedy of that, you know, it hits you different.”