October 21, 2021

8-Hour Wedgie Caused by High-Waisted Shorts Lands Woman in ICU

Speak about an “atomic wedgie!”

A North Carolina girl claims that she “could’ve easily died” after contracting a bacterial an infection from high-waisted denim shorts she wore for eight hours.

“Moral of the story: tight shorts are OUT!” the account “imtoooldtobeonthis” on TikTok shared.

The poster recognized as “Sam” has apparently made her TikTok account non-public after her video went viral.

Sam’s video explaining the ordeal she went by way of after an 8-hour wedgie from the high-waisted shorts she wore on date three years in the past had garnered greater than 8 million views on the platform.

The girl explains that the uncomfortable wedgie from the shorts brought on a bump the place chafing occurred in her non-public space.

She additionally began feeling in poor health and finally went to the physician, who gave her “antibiotics for a possible ‘skin infection’ in my a–crack,” she defined in the video.

The girl revealed that the an infection acquired worse, and she or he went into septic shock after contracting cellulitis.

She was rushed to the hospital  “shivering, very breathless,” the place medical professionals contemplated “cutting off” the contaminated half.

Fortunately, she made a full restoration in the ICU and lived to share her story on TikTok.