December 7, 2021

50 Cent’s Cognac Brand Files Motion to Dismiss Remy Martin Lawsuit

50 Cent’s cognac model filed a movement in a Manhattan federal court docket Monday asking to have a lawsuit filed by E. Remy Martin & Co. dismissed. The lawsuit, filed in August, claims the Branson bottle design seems slightly an excessive amount of like that of Remy’s XO bottle. 

However the legal professional representing Sire Spirits thinks Remy Martin is simply making an attempt to eradicate the competitors. In accordance to Fif’s authorized crew, Remy Martin’s commerce costume infringement claims are baseless. 

“No brand or company has the right to exclude others from making or selling curved bottles for cognac or other alcohol,” stated 50 Cent’s lawyer Reena Jain. “Nonetheless, Remy Martin is on a mission to eliminate Sire Spirits from the cognac market.”

Sire Spirits asks a choose for Remy Martin’s lawsuit in opposition to Branson Cognac to be dismissed with prejudice. They’re additionally asking to maintain the corporate liable for all of the authorized charges related to the case.

“Remy Martin’s efforts to monopolize the cognac market and draw spirits into a multi-front legal battle in order to force an exorbitant settlement should not be allowed to continue,” stated Jain.

Remy Martin has even gone as far as to sue Sire Spirits’ bottler Cognac Embouteillage in France.