October 19, 2021

5 Mistakes to avoid with wet hair that can be damaging

Do you comb your hair when it is wet? There are various different issues that we do to wet hair which can be damaging for our hair. We by no means assume how a lot these small issues can be damaging to our hair. You’d have by no means thought that such small issues can have an effect on our hair a lot. 


There are some things that we want to begin avoiding as early as attainable. Our hair could be very fragile and wishes further care. All of your hair care routine will go to waste when you make these small errors. Let’s check out these items that we want to maintain.


Brushing wet hair 

It’s the commonest factor that everybody does. We have a tendency to brush our hair whereas we’re nonetheless within the bathe or when it’s completely wet. Our hair is most susceptible and susceptible to breakage when it’s wet. It’s best to avoid combing your hair till it’s fully dry. 

If you want to detangle your hair, then use a wide-tooth comb which is able to assist avoid breakage. 


Tying wet hair

We regularly tie our hair once we come out of the bathe. Generally once we are doing a little work or in a rush, we tie wet hair. As you realize, wet hair is basically weak. Tying wet hair breaks it and damages it. It’s best to avoid this completely.


Rubbing wet hair

It is not uncommon that we use towels and rub it on our hair to make it dry. This system is mistaken in so some ways because it breaks your hair, makes them frizzy, and even makes them drier. It’s best to all the time pat dry your hair with a microfibre fabric.


Avoid warmth instruments on wet hair

We love to use hair styling instruments however by no means use them on wet hair. The warmth damages your hair. In case you apply warmth to wet hair, it can even burn them. Styling instruments are already not good for hair and making use of them to wet hair can be much more harmful.


Sleeping with wet hair

We regularly wash our hair at evening and sleep with wet hair. It additionally breaks your hair and damages them. When your head rubs towards the pillow, it creates friction. It breaks your hair from roots in addition to from between. It additionally will increase frizz within the hair.


These are some things that you want to have in mind earlier than you make these errors and harm your hair.

Do tell us within the feedback down beneath if you realize another errors to avoid.