ESPN SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten – 10-20-17

Published on October 27, 2017

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ESPN SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten for October 20, 2017
10. Tennessee kicker Brent Cimaglia didn’t like the lineman giving him a love tap after the kick and wanted to start something.
09. Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso decided to carry Falcons receiver Taylor Gabriel ten yards before letting him go.
08. I really don’t kow why they’re making fun of the Knicks when it’s the Thunder that missed the layup!
07. Red Panda drops all but one bowl she tried to kick onto her head.
06. Bucs quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw to the open spot on the field. Unfortunately, the receiver didn’t know to be there as well.
05. The Clipper’s Wesley Johnson was wide open on the baseline but missed the dunk and is our Missed Dunk of the Week™.
04. Washington State punter Mitchell Cox shanked it so bad that it was a net total of zero yards.
03. Ben Fica keeper Mile Svilar catches the ball as he lands inside the goal, giving up the goal.
02. Sam Darnold threw the ball (barely) backwards and USC turns it over to Utah.
01. Miami tries an onside kick against Georgia Tech, but it bites them in the ass.
COMMUNITY WORST OF THE WORST: Chicago Bear Marcus Cooper decided to get fancy as he scored a touchdown off the blocked field goal, except as he slowed down, he got tackled and fumbled the ball into the end zone.

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